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Testimonials & Fees

 Some comments from my clients -

"Feels like I have had a "reset" button pushed" 
Client lost 14 lbs in 2 weeks
Weight control issues

"Enjoyed the experience very much and found it a very useful strategy to me me resolve chronic insomnia"
Sleep/Insomnia issues

"Look at food in completly different way now, lost 11lbs in two weeks, feel so much more positive, lots of motivation, did not have any or very little before
Motivation and weight control issues

" Felt very comfortable and relaxed, apprehensive prior to first session but soon made to feel at ease. Felt has helped with motivation and also sleeping better which is a welcome bonus"
Weight control issues

"I felt at east instantly, the process was explained thoroughly, I do believe the process has higlighted deeper issues that needed addressed. I look forward to the lighter me"
Guilt and weight control issues.

"Very very friendly and open, welcoming. I felt very comfortable and Frank is none judgemental which was one of the fears prior to coming here. I feel 100% more confident in my ability to lose weight it feels very achievable now so much more than it ever had in my life. Highly recommend the process to others"
Weight control issues

"From the first day things seem to be a lot more calmer, I feel more relaxed and comfortable with myself, friends and family even with my employer" 
Anxiety issues

"Frank made me feel very relaxed during both sessions and I believe he has contributed my weight loss so far" Client lost 10lbs in 3 weeks.
Anxiety and Weight control issues

"I felt very relaxed and calm, Frank put me at ease and is very easy to talk too"
Self Confidence issues

"Feel much more in control of my eating than I ever have done. Its givem me the chance to explore my issues rationally. Frank has been very welcoming and friendly. It put me at ease that hes a former policeman"
Weight control issues

"Experience has been very good. Have lost 13lbs in 3 weeks. nice comfortable environment - easy to relax. Thoroughly recommend!"
Weight control issues

"I have enjoyed the positive effect that the hypnotherapy sessions have had on my thinking"
Anxiety and Psoriases

"Friendly and welcoming therapist, felt at ease in the surroundings. Very relaxing, would recommend to others"
Weight control issues

"My problem was the type of food I ate and portion control. I am now more aware of when I am full I cannot think about chocolate without a wave of nausea" 
Weight control issues

"I felt completely relaxed and welcome from the minute I knocked on the door.... everything I hoped for happened
and more"
Weight control issues

"Feel more motivated to do more with my time" 
Motivation and confidence issues

"I felt very relaxed and was amazed how quickly the time went by. I have had much more willpower since my first session and have even started to exercise. I would not think twice about recommending Frank to friends and family"
Weight control issues

"Felt totally relaxed, did not think I was going to loss weight but my mind set did seem to change and portion sizes also improved and I have lost 6lbs in 10 days"
Weight control issues 

"I feel the hypnotherapy I have received has been a great help to me letting me see I can relax in situations that have taken over my life for years"
Anxiety and confidence issues

"Sessions have given me a more positive outlook in life again!
Weight control issues

"I feel much less anxious when faced with stressful situations. I feel without Franks help none of my anxiety issues would have been resolved"
Anxiety and confidence issues 

"Frank is is very welcoming and I quickly became at ease telling him about my problem. I find my appetite has reduced and Im unable to finish the food on my plate!"
Weight control issues

"Everything well explained, would certainly recommend"
Weight control issues

"Really enjoyable relaxed sessions, lots of techniques given"
Fear of Flying

"Fantastic, the first session made me feel very relaxed and I had a very positive sense of well being. Have not eaten chocolate sice so very successful!"
Anxiety and Weight control issues.

"Felt it was relaxing and worthwhile and I continue to lose weight and feel more confident in myself"
(Clients weight loss was 10lbs in 2 weeks and continues)
Weight control issues

"I found Frank easy to talk to, he makes you feel welcome and relaxed and able to talk about your problems.....I wish I'd done it years ago and would recommend the consultations to anyone"
Weight control issues

"Felt very comfortable the first visit and did loss weight and did not feel hungry through out the week, got much easier as the weeks went on, never nervous.
Weight control issues

"Frank has made me feel very relaxed. I was a bit sceptical at first but that soon eased at the first session. I have now lost 7lbs after the first session. I feel more motivated that ever before and I am making more "me time" than I used to"
Weight Control Issues.

"Very relaxing, good experience, focussed my mind on weight issues"
Weight control issues

"From the first day things seem to be a lot calmer I feel more relaxed and comfortable with myself,friends and family, even with my employer. I just feel so much energy and happiness within myself"
Anxiety and confidence issues

"I am thinging more before I eat and I am a lot more positive about myself, I have an interview next week and if it was not for these sessions I would be really nervous, now I am relaxed and confident"
Weight and confidence issues
(PS Client got Job) 

"Very knowledgable about hypnotherapy techniques, very welcoming atmosphere"
Weight control issues

"Environment very comfortable, made to feel settled and at ease. Sessions very much tailored to my needs. After first session felt changes in the way I felt about food and have seen positive changes since"
Weight control issues


Prior to our first session we would have spoke over the telephone and or had an email exchange. This would have been on an informal basis just to put your mind at ease on any concerns you had but also more importantly to discuss your issue/concern/phobia that was causing you the distress.

At the first session we would explore your issue in more detail and agree a plan of action.

I would clearly explain the objectives of each session to you as well as the expected financial outlays.

Session fees are £60.00 - The sessions last between 60 minutes and 75 minutes, if the session slightly over runs you are not charged extra.

Payment should be made by cash or cheque at the end of each session.

Please note that I require 24 hours notice of cancellation for sessions, failing which I reserve the right to charge the full fees for that missed session





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