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Q. What if  you cant hypnotise me?

A. Most people can be hypnotised IF they want to be. Research indicates at least 95% of people can be hypnotised, depths to which do vary from person to person. 

Approx  90-95% of people are capable of achieving light hypnosis

70% medium hypnosis

20% deep hypnosis.

It is important to note that the majority of problems can be dealt with in light to medium hypnosis. Most people find that the more they experience and practice hypnosis, the easier it becomes to achieve and the greater the depth they are able to achieve.


Q. What is the difference between a hypnotherapist and a hypnotist?


A.  A hypnotherapist is someone who uses hypnosis as a therapeutic tool.  Since a hypnotherapist induces the state of hypnosis in others, strictly speaking, he or she is a hypnotist. However not all hypnotists practice therapy and so a hypnotist isn't necessarily a hypnotherapist.

The term ‘hypnotist’ normally refers to a stage hypnotist i.e. a performer who uses hypnosis in order to entertain the audience.


Q.  Will I be under the power of the hypnotist / hypnotherapist?

A. Many people believe that hypnosis and hypnotherapy are forms of mind control. They think that the hypnotist / hypnotherapist will control their mind and be able to command them to think and/or act in a certain way, (against their will) that's not what hypnosis or hypnotherapy is about!

Please note that you won't lose self-control. You can't be forced to disclose any information that you wouldn't normally disclose. You'll be in complete charge of your thoughts, feelings and actions the whole time. You'll only accept those suggestions that are helpful and appropriate for you.


Please feel free to ask me any question you wish!





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