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The easiest way to understand what hypnosis is imagine dozing off on the sofa with the television on in the corner of the room. When you start to regain full consciousness from this experience you feel sleepy and rested but you are aware that you have not been asleep.

This is like hypnosis/hypnotherapy a totally relaxed feeling within your body and mind. When we are relaxed we are more open to accepting positive suggestions and embracing change.

I would point out that you are fully aware of what is going on around you. 

If you wanted to end the session at any point you would easily be able to.

Please note hypnosis/hypnotherapy will only work with your true commitment, motivation and dedication.  

Hypnosis/hypnotherapy is totally safe and very effective.  

Fears and phobias can be overcome, anxiety issues can be addressed.

 Spiders, flies, bees & insects.

 Exam stress, school to university and beyond. 

 Driving Test? - address confidence issues

 Learn to enjoy that travel experience!          


Ever wondered about learning self hypnosis?

Heard of the virtual gastric band for weight control? 

Tried to stop smoking?


Some of the most common issues I have looked at are -

* Stress/Depression/Anxiety - caused by working conditions/personal circumstances. Do not be alone if you feel like this. I work with my clients to get to the "root" issue causing their distress.

Motivation - Why are you feeling held back?, what can you do to improve your motivation?

* Low confidence how do you improve your confidence in the working and personal enviroment?


* Pain control - working with people who have short term and long term chronic pain. How do you control the pain?

* Relaxation problems - sleep problems, how can you enjoy rest and relaxation if maybe you have underlying issues? We are all faced with "pressures" some of us are better in dealing with them than others. I can show you techniques to help with the control of these pressures.  

* Sports performance - including Golf. Recent studies by the University of Chicago has proven in scientific terms what many golfers have known - that the mind body connection is of paramount importance. It is well documented how much importance TIGER WOODS gives to his Hypnotherapy sessions for his golf.

So if  YOU are having difficulty -

* sinking that difficult putt on the 18th

* perfecting that golf swing

* floating that ball out of that bunker and hitting that green

* driving that ball down the fairway avoiding those trees!

* staying focussed and concentrating despite any chaos around you!

Give Frank a call/email and lets work together on getting you focussed, improving your concentration and driving that performance further.  




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